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Imagine, create, believe, share to practice and play to achieve your optimim game – RESULT @ MoTennis!

At “MoTennis” programs are designed for players from the elites to regular tennis enthusiasts who are looking to achieve results each time they step on the tennis court. For the elite players if you dream is to achieve ranking nationally or internationally as high and prestigious as the men’s ATP or the women’s WTA tour points – enrol your name today @ MoTennis since space are subject to availability. And by the way, if we are unable to satisfy you needs, we will direct you to your next program through our successful networking system.

And if you are regular tennis enthusiasts – please check under Services on this home page, which is an exclusively designed program to fit your need. @ MoTennis we believe that tennis is where “everything begins @ love ALL”, and by believing so, level does not play a part to who we accept to teach. Your goal is our goal, and excellence is what we provide to players to achieve their optimum game – RESULTS”!

And finally, experience our “CUTTING EDGE TECHNIQUES” which will get you that much closer in achieving your optimum game – RESULTS that you were looking for before joining us! So please feel free to contact us directly to register yourself or a family member of yours to our program today.

We look forward to serving you soon!

Point of interest!

These points are emphasised to players @ Motennis:

* first and utmost, believing in yourself

* stressing excellent attitude, hard work and discipline

* we help you to draw up a 3 ~ 5 year game plan

* developing strong fundamentally sound game and technique

* develop players to understand strategy, tactic, pattern and movement in tennis

* fitness training to improve on court movement and strength

* mental toughness training, and how to read your opponents

* specialized footwork training required for today’s modern game

* tactics and training on how to play a left

* tactics and training on how to play doubles

* travelling for tournaments and camps

* travelling to watch international and Grand Slam tournaments

* coordinating with overseas clubs and elite academy schools for your further training and experience


Mohammed’s highlights since arriving to Tokyo, Japan are:

2008 – Highlights of the year!

– USPTA Tennis Around the World Charity Program for kids, Nadi – Fiji

– USPTA World Tennis Conference – La Quinta Club & Resort, Palm Springs, California – USA

– Hilton Conrad Bangkok – Tennis Court Facility Consultant, Bangkok – Thailand

2007 – Highlights of the year!

– Player Development for Junior ITF Circuit – Hong Kong

– Junior Player Coach & Guam tour from Tokyo – Japan

– USPTA World Tennis Conference – Saddlebrook Resort, Tampa, Florida – USA

2006 – Highlights of the year!

–  Adult Tennis Camp – Guangzhou – China

– Okutama Camp – Tokyo – Japan

– USPTA World Tennis Conference – Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Navada – USA

– AIG Japan Tennis Open – Tokyo Ariake – Japan

– Miyazaki – Sheraton Seagaia Tour – Miyazaki – Japan

2005 – Highlights of the year!

– Guam International Tennis Championship Tour, Guam – USA

– United States Tennis Open Championship, Flushing Meadow, New York – USA

2004 – Highlights of the year!

– Head Tennis Professional – Showa No Mori Tennis School – Akishima, Tokyo – Japan

2003 – Highlights of the year!

– Academy and Junior Player Development Coach – Akishima, Tokyo – Japan

– Head Coach / Manager of 22 Junior Players Camp – Yamanashi – Japan

2002 – Highlights of the year!

– Tennis Professional Coach & Director – Shinjuku Hilton, Tokyo – Japan