Motivational Training

“You got to take the chances for the things you care about!”

Elevated program such as “cutting edge” teaching is used during this program. Motivational training classes are especially designed for players who are already at their elite level but lacks the next step to level up!

If you think we are talking about you, than this is the program for you! Call us today and we will guide you to your next step.

Nick Bollettieri’s training program attended by Mohammed in 2006, and 07!

These pointer are discussed during your training program:

* First and utmost, believing in yourself

* Stressing excellent attitude, hard work and discipline

* We help you to draw up a 3 ~ 5 year game plan

* Using “cutting edge” techniques to accelerate your game

* Developing strong fundamentally sound game and technique

* Develop players to understand strategy, tactic, pattern and movement in tennis

* Fitness training to improve on court movement and strength

* Mental toughness training, and how to read your opponents

* Specialized footwork training required for today’s modern game

* Tactics & training on how to play a lefty

* Tactics and training on how to play doubles

* Assist you for your international tournaments and accommodation