Private Lessons

This is a “cutting edge” program for adults and juniors alike to elevate players from their existing to their next playing level through a one on one lesson session. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an elite, we accept players of all level and we guarantee in elevating each students to achieve their next level. So if you were waiting for this opportunity? Now wait no more! Interested customers please call us to sign up your name today and we hope to get you on the first available court!

These pointer can help you choose your lesson theme with the coach:

* First and utmost, believing in yourself

* Stressing excellent attitude, hard work and discipline

* We help you draw up a 3 ~ 5 year tennis lesson and or game plan

* Developing strong fundamentally sound strokes, game and technique

* Develop players to understand strategy, tactic, pattern and movement in tennis

* Fitness training to improve on court movement and strength

* Mental toughness training, and how to read your opponents

* Specialized footwork training required for today’s modern game

* Tactics & training on how to play modern singles

* Tactics & training on how to play modern doubles

* Tactics and training on how to play a lefty